A new menu for Piccola Roma Palace


We have updated Piccola Roma Palace’s menu, deleting some expensive dishes whose fresh ingredients were difficult to find (for instance: olive ascolane, capers’ flowers, vodka and caviar penne, lobster and cream fettuccine – even with the add of prawns and caviar -, lobster ravioli, tagliatelle with ovoli mushrooms, garlic and oil, and those with wild mushrooms, garlic and olive oil, risotto with meatballs and buffalo mozzarella and saffron and almost all kind of cheese ).
On the other hand, we have added pizza with Parma ham, pappardelle with garlic, oil, red pepper and tomato, gnocchi al ragu and we started to propose excellent quality¬†fresh Tasmanian salmon. We have, finally, restocked Piccola Roma Palace’s cellar, with new labels of excusively Italian wines. Of course, the new menu will be published online as soon as possible!

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