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Welcome to Piccola Roma Palace read more

Welcome to Piccola Roma Palace. This Italian restaurant in Chiang Mai has been founded by Master Chef (born in the core of Rome) Angelo Faro, in March 1991.

At that time it was the only Italian restaurant in Chiang Mai and one of the few Italian restaurants in Thailand.

In 21 years Piccola Roma Palace provided excellent Italian food in Thailand to the most important members of Thai and Bhutan royal families and to VIP as Liz Taylor, Angelina Jolie and Danny Glover.

In Piccola Roma Palace there is enough space to host comfortably 80 people. The portions are particularly generous. Pasta and fresh pasta are daily homemade. It is possible to enjoy meals with products quite rare in Thailand: porcini mushrooms, tartufi, wild boar sausages, etc. Olive oil is rigorously extra-vergin quality. Meat comes from Australia, certified Black Angus. Organic Vegetables come from Royal Project.

There is a special selection of the best Italian wines as Amarone, Barolo, Brunello, grand reserve and exceptional vintage red wine.

Last but not least the table dishes are in the best porcelain quality (royal porcelain) to offer a complete high standard service.

Piccola Roma Palace is the only Italian restaurant and one of the rarest international restaurants in Chiang Mai providing free transportation to its clients. To require this kind of service use the mentioned telephone number or the mentioned e-mail address  or specify it doing on line reservation


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