Portrait of Angelo Faro

Angelo Faro (born in Rome in 1942) studied as professional chef in Cento (near the Italian town Ferrara). He opened his first restaurant in Rome when he was 22 years old, working fruitfully for about 10 years. In the 80s he shifted his restaurant to Amsterdam till 1989. Then, he settled with his Thai wife in Chiang Mai (Thailand), founding, in 1991, Piccola Roma Palace, considered, even today, one of the best Italian restaurants in Thailand.

Angelo Faro, born in a family of antique dealers, is also a great expert of European antiques since 50 years and, more recently, Chinese ones (since 20 years).

In Chiang Mai he manages the shop Nina Antiques, close to Piccola Roma Palace Italian restaurant.

Below Angelo Faro’s degrees and awards as master chef:

  1. Grand Officier Maître Restaurateur of the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, whose story begins in 1248
  2. Member of the Executive Chef’s Association of Thailand
  3. Degustateur-Actif de l’Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Degustateurs
  4. Senior member of FIC (Italian Chef Federation) with a long list of responsability tasks

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